Gear Services

Gear Creative Agency
was found on the basis of the will to connect multilinguality with communication in the Internet as well as between the entrepreneurs in the whole world. Therefore our gear wheels are multilingual copywriting and SEO copywriting, connecting business partners as well as editing texts.

Gear Copywriting

First of all - we call things by their names.

Our agency offers services such as naming as well as creating slogans for the companies in the following languages: Polish, English and Arabic. Taking into consideration successful advertising campaign, original name and attractive slogan appear to be very crucial.

Secondly - we do write.

We are writing PR and marketing content, advertising content, website content, texts for the products’ offers, updating content, mailing and newsletter content in the following languages: Polish, English and Arabic. As far as our business is concerned we also offer website translation into Polish, English and Arabic. Professional content is another step to the success.

Last but not least - we care about our Clients’ recognition.

Therefore we write SEO (Search Engine Optimization) content in order to provide our Clients with the popularity among the users of the web browsers. We offer the above service in Polish, English and Arabic.

Gear Business

Taking into consideration growing demand for the multilingual business communication we decided to offer the service of
connecting business partners from all over the world.
Our first goal was to introduce Arabic – the exotic and at the same time popular language - in the business world. However we are willing to implement other, niche and commonly used languages in the further development of our company.

Gear Editing

One of the main goals that we set ourselves is also taking care of language correctness, because each word is equally important for us. We dislike punctuation mistakes as well as incorrectly edited text. Therefore among our services you may find
proofreading text and editing.