16.01.2014, 10:51
Arab countries will sink on the petroleum

The Middle East is not only the heart of islam, but also the area which is thought to be world richest of petroleum territory. Among the world biggest petroleum exporters you may also find Libia located in North Africa. However the latest studies indicate that petroleum crisis can take place even 30 years earlier. 

Petrolifeous countries will no longer be self-sufficient
08.01.2014, 7:28

'Two heads are better than one' this rule appears in majority fields of our life. Sometimes taking tough decisions or planning risky activity demands discussion. Members of team often express very different and at the same time interesting additional ideas. That's why learning team work techniques is very important. 

01.01.2014, 5:51
Happy New Year!

In 2014 we wish all readers of our blog, clients and partners self-confidence, optimism and another 365 days full of challenges and dreams that provide us with energy to work during another 12 months.

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08.11.2013, 5:08

Problems with enforcing the timeliness or quality of provided by employees, contractors or subcontractors are the daily bread of every entrepreneur. HR Management is th post-graduate studies subject. But you may find less time-consumpting methods to manage your employees.

29.10.2013, 3:51
Morocco: The biggest solar power plant

The spring of this year was the beggining of works over the construction of the solar power plant in Warzazat (Morroco). As far as itd productivity is concerned, it's estimated that the Morrocan solar power plant may produce even 160 MW. At the same time this is the first project developed in Rabat which would be implemented under the plan of building solar power points.

22.10.2013, 1:55
Ups and downs

Ups and downs are integrated part of our life. Their frequency depends of ourselves and sometimes it seems to be independent. How to deal with being down in the dumps?

15.10.2013, 12:10

Time is the most important part of our life even if we aren't entrepreneurs. We need time for family, for work, for clubbing, for rumour and for a break. Undoubtedly- time is money and everyone complains on its lack. What should we do to manage it and at the same time save it?

07.10.2013, 2:52

In the previous week we submitted the stories of family business continuators or the millionaires who started their career with selling matches. This week we will present the careers of the people below top ten Richest Businessmen in the World. Those are at the same time stories of popular products and anonymous creators. Nevertheless, those stories are the recipes for the success in the business world.

Larry Page
01.10.2013, 4:20

Nowadays the world is living with the anecdotes from the biographies of Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates. What's more, a lot of books or movie productions have been devoted to their creativity or their way of making such astonishing careers. Today they're the inspiration for the young entrepreneurs whose aspiration is to be the CEO of prosperous corporation.

25.09.2013, 1:01
Egyptian flag

Second round of Egyptian revolution starts to cut a swath through. Hundreds of death toll,  armed security services and permanent detentions appear to be current reality in Egypt. One crime after another and the guilty ones remain unpunished. Life in such conditions seems to be a tough challenge. That’s why the biggest companies that operate and produce in Egypt are currently withdrawing from that market.